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She was known as Brynhild daughter of Budlas, “Budlasdatter” (Anno 725-775). A Valkyrie and shieldmaiden from Norway, she married Ragnar Lodborg and mothered Queen Aslaug of Denmark. The illustration that decorates both the box and the label on the bottle depicts a weaving mill from Överhogdal from the Viking age. It was said that, when the Valkyries went to war, they wove the fate of humanity with human entrails while singing the Song of Spears. A creepy violation song approx from year 1014.

Brynhild is a warm, golden hue like a Nordic sunset. Citrus notes with rose, mandarin and white wine nuances, as well as, sweet maltiness characterize the aroma.
Brynhild’s embueing power is felt from the very first sip. Warming alcohol blankets the tongue, while a growing cascade of subtle tastes take hold. Among them, biscuit from the malt and grapefruit, papaya and blueberry from the hops. The secret behind Brynhild’s taste is due in part from the use of Danish mead aged in Moscatel barrels.
Brynhild is best enjoyed as an after dinner treat with some dessert.

Brynhild is available in a 75cl bottle with cork and cage, wrapped in an exquisite gift box.

Alcohol 12.0%

Brynhild has won the 2017 medal of honour at the International Food Contest.