Project Description


Støckel Pale Ale is brewed with barley malt and hop. The beer is of a pale golden colour and topped by a dense, white froth.

Støckel Pale Ale is of an intensive and fresh aroma of passionfruit and citrus, rendered by the hop. An inviting scent of malt lie hidden at the back of this aroma. The refreshing character of the hop is also experienced on the palate where the citric taste is most prominent. The malt lends a perfect contrast to the bitterness of the hop, enveloping it in its velvety body. This perfect balanced comes forth in the aftertastes: a sweet beer of full body, and yet fresh.

Støckel Pale Ale goes well with marinated herring, chicken/bacon sandwiches, fried fish or very spicy Asian food.

Støckel Pale Ale is available in 50cl cans.

Alcohol 4.7% vol.