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Baltic Porter with smoke malt and bourbon matured Danish mead. Powerful and juicy flavour creating an exuberant explosion of flavour nuances on the palate. Chocolate, raisins, prunes and plums seasoned with a smoky aroma derived from underlying Funen wheat malt smoked on beech wood. Brewed with Funen barley malt, Funen wheat malt and Danish mead.

Roulv is available in a 75cl bottle with cork and cage.

Alcohol 9% vol.

Roulv won a gold medal at the Meiningers International Beer Award 2017.
In 2015 Roulv won a medal of honour at the International Food Contest and a bronze medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge in the same year.

267837-Vinder 2015-5cm guldbronze_award_2015