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A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or other web-enabled devices so it can be recognised the next time you visit our website. No personal data are saved in our cookies, and they do not contain viruses.

Purpose of cookies on

Cookies make it possible to save users’ online behaviour. In other words, the website can remember information about the user, so the user does not have to start from the beginning every time. In addition, cookies are also used for traffic measurement on the website, and make it possible to compile statistics on how the site is used.

How to delete or block cookies

Hopefully, you will accept cookies from as they help to optimise the user experience. If you want to block or delete cookies, you will find instructions from the most common browsers via this link:

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Third parties with access to cookies

The site uses cookies from Google Tag Manager. These cookies are not used to register personal data unless you expressly give your consent.

Personal data

Personal data are never passed on to third parties unless you have given your express consent, and we only collect personal data that you have passed on to us in connection with job applications, complaints, participation in user surveys or registering for the annual general meeting etc.

Storage of personal data

Personal data are stored for the time allowed by law, and are deleted when it is no longer necessary to keep the data. The length of time depends on the nature of the data and the reason for retaining the data.

Withdrawal of consent/access to registered data

If you wish to revoke your consent regarding the storage of data or gain access to the data we hold on you, please contact A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen at the following email address:

If incorrect data have been registered about you or if you have other objections, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
You have the right to lodge complaints about how information and personal data relating to you are processed. Complaints should be submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency; see section 58(1) of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (Persondataloven).

Updates to cookie and privacy policy

You are responsible for staying up to date regarding our cookie and privacy policy.

Last revised: 18 May 2018