Vestfyen has been the name of the brewery’s beer since 1885, when the first beer left the brewery. For the first 100 years, the name became a locally known brand; but today it is well known all over the country. The same applies to the brand’s renown as great-tasting bear. This is why both the brewhouse and our beer stick to the good, old name. Over time, the assortment has been expanded by several varieties of soft drinks which, naturally, also carry the name Vestfyen. For – at one and the same time – the name, Vestfyen, symbolises our past as well as our future.

VESTFYEN The line of beer and soft drinks marketed under the name, Vestfyen, have changed in the course of time – and more are continuously added. Today, we brew more than ten different varieties of beer. In addition to the most common classics such as pilsner, classic and light, we also market a number of seasonal beer types – sold in connection with the festive seasons.

As, since the turn of the millennium, the Danish beer culture has developed an increasing interest in high-quality craft beers of great taste, we follow up on this interest with new varieties. This is why, today, the brewery – A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen – has become one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of craft beer. In a word, Vestfyen simply means well-brewed beer since 1885 – and, likewise, well-tasting at all times.