Neither the western part of Funen as a spot on the map nor the well-known Vestfyen Pilsner will, as such, become any greener. And yet, since – in 2015 – the brewery, A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen, made its production more environmentally friendly, this cannot but reflect positively on both beer and the West Funen nature. The brewery, A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen, has namely decided to completely eliminate the consumption of environmentally damaging fuel oil from their production of beer and soft drinks and, instead, apply CO2 neutral biofuel as their sole source of energy.

Further, the brewery’s next goal is to establish an agreement with the National Forest and Nature Agency about the delivery of woodchip from Danish trees that are free of pesticides and with sustainability certification. Moreover, the brewery has entered into an energy and climate partnership with the local power company, Energi Fyn, based on an agreement running to 2020 and involving the entire brewery. The ambition is to take the reduction in energy consumption even a step further – to the benefit of both environment and mankind.